Geospatial Reference Interface
For Internet Networks

Create new geospatial models in Java, Scala or define your own domain language. Reuse existing models, and combine them easily with legacy systems if you need. Make your results work with the results of others and publish them quickly in a digital representation of the real world space.

Presentation about Geospatial Managed Object Technology

GRIFIN makes publishing and exchange of geospatial models easier. It supports creation of georeferenced content that can be exchanged over the net, visualized, and provide analytical functionality. All content is organized in a single, virtual, 3d space with time and many levels of resolution. Ultimately providing a distributed digital representation of the Earth.

Try experimental and development environment.

Performance & Scalability

GRIFIN uses HotSpot, an industry standard virtual machine (VM) technology. HotSpot is a high-performance, production quality VM with open source-code used by the highest number of programmers in the world. GRIFIN can be deployed on platforms ranging from enterprise servers to mobile devices. For improved scalability and usability Scala language is used for interaction.


The project is under active development. Should you be interested please contact jan.kolar(at)